Harry Styles Reveals His Dream Girl: ‘Someone With A Cute Laugh And A Good Smile’

With the huge news that Zayn Malik popped the question to Perrie Edwards this week, it seems the rest of One Direction are feeling in a loved-up mood with Harry Styles revealing what he wants in his dream girl!

In a new interview with Us Weekly the hotty is keen to get his wish list out there, and it’s a pretty good one. Here’s what Hazza is looking for:

“Someone with a cute laugh and a good smile. Someone you can have fun with – I like someone who’s up for doing stuff in terms of like, trying new things and going out new places.”

“Not just someone who does nothing and wants to sit around.”

And it sounds like celeb ladies shouldn’t rule themselves out, despite Harry being burned by break-ups from the likes of Taylor Swift and Caroline Flack in the past.

“I think it’s people, you like people for who they are, so I couldn’t say I want to date someone less famous because of the hassle. You like who you like,” the singer tells the magazine.

Harry, we’re over here! (PNP/WENN)

“I think relationships are hard enough, so I think you have to completely ignore everything from outside. When you’re in the opening stages of a relationship as it is, you’re still under the pressure of getting to know everything about a person.”

Harry wants everyone to back off when he does find himself another girl though:

“‘If you have a lot of people from outside telling you what it is and they don’t even know you, telling you what your relationship is, that’s weird. So I think you sort of have to block it out and just have the relationship rather than think – we’re having this relationship play out on magazine covers.”

So everyone got that? Get working on your cute laughs, smiles and think of some fun dates and you’ll be one step closer to bagging Harry!