Uh Oh! Has Harry Styles Been Hitting On Simon Cowell’s Ex-Girlfriend?

We all know that Harry Styles has a thing for older ladies, but somehow we doubt Sinitta’s claims that he hits on her “all the time.”

The 46-year-old singer told Closer magazine that the curly haired hottie is a a “horny little devil,” adding that the’s very flirtatious whenever they meet. But whilst Harry, 20, has previously dated the likes of 35-year-old Caroline Flack and DJ Lucy Horobin, 34, we reckon his ‘flirting’ with Sinitta is little more than harmless fun.

Surely Harry wouldn’t risk upsetting his mentor, Simon (WENN)

The One Direction singer may have a bit of a reputation for dating cougars, but he previously denied that he seeks them out. Speaking on Aussie show, Sunrise, he revealed, “It’s not about how old someone is, I don’t like old women, it’s not like a weird thing. It depends who I get on with, it doesn’t matter if they’re a little bit older than me.”

And not only is Sinitta a whole 26 years older, but he’d also risk seriously annoying his boss, Simon Cowell, who famously dated the star back back in the 80s. But this isn’t the first time the So Macho hitmaker has claimed to be the object of Harry’s affection. Back in July she told Star magazine, “I’m aware I looked young for my age when One Direction were on The X Factor and I remember having to remind him that I was old enough to be his mother! For me, he’s definitely forbidden fruit.”

Could this be Harry’s next girlfriend? (WENN)

But if Harry is seriously considering going after the pop icon, then we’re sure he’d be delighted to learn about her new fitness regime. ”I’ve just taken up pole dancing so my muscles are really defined at the moment – move aside Beyonce!” she explained. And if that’s not enough to entice the the 1D heartthrob, Sinitta also opened up about her sex life, explaining, ”I have always been a romantic. But, like with sex, things get better with age – you know what you want and feel happier expressing yourself.”

Now whilst we’d LOVE to see ‘Sinarry’ or ‘Hanitta’ happen, sadly we think this frisky flirtatious vibe may all be in Sinitta’s head. After all, this is the woman who thought it’d be a good idea to help Simon judge potential X Factor contestants wearing only some strategically placed palm leaves…