Gwyneth Paltrow on Her Critics: “I Don’t Absorb It”

Not everyone loves Gwyneth Paltrow. She lives in a bubble where spoons cost thousands and recipes feature rare expensive ingredients that most can’t afford – so yes, she can seem a bit out of touch with reality. The lifestyle website founder says she isn’t about to absorb the hate thrown her way because she feels very successful and knows there are plenty who do appreciate her as a result. She explained:

“My books are No. 1 New York Times best sellers, my website is growing every day and is very successful. If people who know me and love me have a criticism, then I really want to hear it. But if not, it’s just a projection, like I’m a screen, and it’s not about me, so I don’t absorb it.”

Gwyneth also adds that being well-known is fantastic because it opens even more doors and she has been able to access people that otherwise wouldn’t be interested in what she’s doing with her Goop brand. She said:

“The best thing about being a well-known person is the connections you are able to make. I was able to start my website and have access to amazing people and information. It’s like being able to call a restaurant and saying, ‘I know you’re full, but is there any way you could squeeze me in?’ and nine times out of 10 they do. That’s worth a lot of harassment.”

Her daughter Apple is becoming a mini-me version of her:

“She loves perfume, she loves fashion, she loves makeup. I mean, she’s hilarious. Right after the shoot, we were in the bath and she was imitating me spraying on the perfume. It was so funny. But she’s very into that whole side of my work life; she loves it, loves it, loves it, loves it. She’s so phenomenal, unique and cool. And I don’t want to interfere, I don’t steer her anywhere. I’m like, ‘I love you 100 per cent, no matter what,’ and just watch what happens. It’s really fun.”