Gwyneth Paltrow: “I Have Wrinkles & Gray Hair”

Gwyneth Paltrow has always come across as incredibly high maintenance. Her ‘Goop’ site doesn’t help. Maybe trying to fix her over-the-top image a bit, Gwyneth has spoken on the ageing process and explains that she isn’t afraid of wrinkles and gray hair because they’re becoming a part of who she is. She commented:

“Of course I have wrinkles [and] gray hair. But I genuinely love it. This is who I am. I have been through incredible ups and downs and I feel so blessed that I have the wrinkles to tell the story.”

She feels good about looking older and adds that she even thinks it’s quite sexy to have some signs of age. She accepts who she is now and isn’t trying to go against the clock:

“I feel good about [it]. I think it’s incredibly sexy. … And I wouldn’t want to erase years off my face or to travel back in time for anything. Part of that is just accepting where you are in time and space.”

She still worries about being a mother and sometimes thinks she’s messing up her kids:

“I mean, the other night I was in the bath and I texted my best mom friend: ‘Am I f***ing this up?’ No! Breathe. We all feel this way, take a step back. Your kids are great.”

However, she loves the experience of being a mom:

“It’s like going through childhood again, but standing next to the people that you love more than anybody in the world and helping them bear their heartaches and mistakes and triumphs.”