Growing Up? Justin Bieber Tries A New Look With A Moustache

Justin Bieber has obviously decided that he’s due a new look, after all it’s been over two years since the star chopped off his trademark haircut, and this time Biebs has gone for a very grown up moustache.

After all the negative press in recent weeks perhaps Bieber was keen to distract us all from his chaotic off-stage antics and present a more mature side of himself?

It looks like the star has been enjoying hanging out with his mates in between shows for his Believe tour, as he showed off a series of Instagram pics this weekend featuring his new look.

On Friday, Biebs posted an Instagram picture of himself with a hint of fuzz on his upper lip, captioning it, “Growin out the stash lol.” before sharing pics of some of his friends’ moustaches, which sadly were a lot more impressive that Justin’s efforts.

In a second self-portrait, Bieber showed off his whiskers and wrote, “And Rick my stash.” But Justin’s furry new friend didn’t last long as by Saturday a clean-shaven Bieber popped up on Instagram with the caption  “Rip stash.”

Maybe try again in Movember Justin!