Groan: Family Guy and The Simpsons Crossover Episode is Happening


Family Guy is on its way to Springfield. Will this actually make the two unfunny shows even more unfunny? The Simpsons is on its 25th season, while Family Guy are on their 11th. They might have been great shows before, but it seems as though their gags have  run out as the two shows continue churning out episodes. Now, the two cartoon families are set to come face to face. A mock statement supposedly composed by Peter Griffin read as follows:

“Fox (network) hasn’t spent this much money since they took Simon Cowell tight t-shirt shopping.”

The episode will air sometime in 2014, and will be officially a Family Guy episode. The Griffin family will head out on a road trip that will result in them ending up in Springfield. The episode is set to be titled ‘The Simpsons Guy’. Will this be a good episode? At at the very least it might bring back some attention to the two shows.