Grime MC Lethal Bizzle Responds To Justin Bieber Changing Name To ‘Bizzle’

Justin Bieber clearly didn’t do his research when searching for a name more suitable in his hip-hop circle as UK grime MC Lethal Bizzle has responded to the ‘Baby’ star “stealing” his stage name and he doesn’t seem too happy by it.

Over the last few weeks, it looks as though the 19-year-old singer has been doing his best to fit in with his rap friends like P. Diddy, T.I. and BFF Lil Za, but clearly, his birth name just isn’t cool enough for the popular crew as he’s now changed his Instagram alias to the slightly more hip “Bizzle.”

Justin Bieber who? Call me Bizzle! (247Paps TV/Splash News)

Of course, Lethal Bizzle was formerly the most well known “Bizzle” around so it comes as no surprise that he wants his name back.

The grime rapper, who rose to fame in 2004 with club anthem ‘Pow,’ posted a photo of his unimpressed face on Instagram alongside an article of Justin with the caption: “Leeeeeave It Yeah,” the phrase which Lethal B coined and made his trademark a few years ago.

 Lethal Bizzle’s hilarious response to Justin’s name-change (Lethal B/Instagram)

He also tweeted: “Oi @justinbieber I hear your catting my name? #LeaveItYeah,” before retweeting a fan who wrote: “There’s only one ‘Bizzle’ and thats @LethalBizzle, f**k off @justinbieber.”

 Lethal B is credited as a pioneer for UK grime music (WENN)

It seems Biebs is simply trying to get used to his new street tag temporarily as he said when a fan account announced news of his name change: “For now.”

Meanwhile, Justin has put his personal troubles aside over the last couple of days to focus on his new music, sharing photos of himself in the recording studio with rapper pal T.I. He also tweeted: “This isnt work. this is being creative. doing what i love. Music.”