Great British Bake Off Delight As Show Beats X Factor And Strictly Come Dancing With 8.82 Million Viewers

The Great British Bake really does have the right ingredients to make a stupidly successful show following the release of last night’s viewing figures which have revealed that a whopping 8.82 million people tuned in to see the semi final of the hit BBC baking competition.

For any of you who missed last night’s episode (where were you?), it was Chetna who missed out on the opportunity to make it through to the final. But before Chetna’s departure, the four bakers were put through their paces when they had to make two different types of baklava, a schichttorte and a range of entremets.

The current series, which will come to an end next week when either Luis, Richard or Nancy are crowned the winner, has grown in popularity with the UK TV Ratings reporting that 8.82 million people tuned in to see the penultimate episode last night. That’s a hefty amount on it’s own, but put it against the ratings figures for two of Saturday night’s biggest shows, and that’s when GBBO’s success is really made prominent.

On Saturday night, only 7.7 million people tuned in to see the second installment of the X Factor bootcamp stage which saw the judges pick their final six acts using the six chair challenge. The new series of Strictly Come Dancing also fell short of GBBO’s success on a weekday night when the show pulled in 8.1 million viewers on Saturday.

Back to GBBO and finalist and favourite (in the EntWise office, anyway) Richard has revealed to the Telegraph about how close he is to the GBBO stars of this series. The builder, who was named star baker for the fifth time last night, said: “We went up to Scotland to see Norman [Calder] and down to Brighton to visit Kate [Henry] and I’ve tried to tick off everyone in between”.

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