Gordon’s Alive! Flash Gordon Heading Back To The Big Screen

Flash Gordon is flying back on to the big screen according to new reports.

Following the success of the 1980 cult movie, The Hollywood Reporter claim that Twentieth Century Fox has closed a deal to pick up the screen rights to comic-strip hero.

The report states that John Davis producing the new film while up and coming writers J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay, who have worked on the upcoming Star Trek 3, are on board to pen the script.

Davis, whose credits include the upcoming Man from U.N.C.L.E big screen adaptation, has spent over a year trying to win the rights and it looks like his hard work has paid off.

The new movie will be based on the all-american hero who was first created in 1934 by artist Alex Raymond. The 80s movie saw high school jock Gordon along with his sweetheart Dale Arden ending up on the planet Mongo where he goes into battle with Ming the Merciless.

Timothy Dalton starred alongside Sam J. Jones as Gordon in the movie which had a soundtrack from Queen and featured memorable appearances from the likes of Brian Blessed.

Some fans aren’t impressed with the news of a reboot with one tweeting today: “Yeah, there’s already been a pretty perfect Flash Gordon movie – thanks anyway..” while another poses the question: “”flash gordon reboot in the works at fox” what sin have we committed in a past life to deserve this, fox.”

As for the casting, it seems no one can top the original: “Haven’t a clue who they would cast as Flash Gordon, all I’m saying is? there is only 1 Sam J. Jones”, declares one Gordon devotee.