Google removed ‘how can I join ISIS’ from its auto-suggestions UKIP appears in its place

Google’s got it covered, guys: anyone looking for a short way to type ‘how can I join isis’ into the search engine has been foiled by the auto-complete suggestion being removed.

So now, if you really do want to make that search, you have to type it all out by yourself,unassisted. HA! Take THAT, extremism!

Google removes ISIS from search suggestions

Good move (Photo: Google)

The removal came about after the BBC typed in “how can I join” and was met by options including “the police”, “the illuminati”, “a union” and the jihadist organisation. They touched base with the web giants, who swiftly ensured it never popped up as a suggestion ever again. UKIP, evidently also a much-used search, now appears in its place.

Google explained: “We periodically update our systems to improve Search, so the terms that appear in Autocomplete may change over time. We exclude only a narrow set of search queries such as those related to pornography, violence, hate speech, and copyright infringement.”

Google in London

Google’s London HQ (via Twitter)

Danny Sullivan, from Search Engine Land, further explained: “It may be that people are simply typing it into Google for research purposes, to find out about Isis, rather than simply wanting to join it themselves. But the reason we’re seeing Isis on Autocomplete is the number of people typing in ‘How can I join Isis’.”

Is this move going to make a massive difference to the world? No, probably not. But fair play at least to the team at Google for taking steps to hide the organisation; however small. And anyway, even if you DO sarch for “how do I join ISIS, you mainly get news stories about other people signing up.