Glee’s Lea Michele Confirms Cory Monteith Romance, Says She’s ‘So Happy’ With Him

Glee’s Lea Michele has appeared to confirm that she is indeed dating her co-star Cory Monteith after gushing that she is “so happy” with her beau.

And if that wasn’t enough, the actress, who plays Rachel Berry in the hit US show, also told People magazine that Cory, who plays her on screen boyfriend Finn Hudson is an inspiration to work with.

The star, whose character was seen failing to impress NYADA dance teacher, Casandra, played by Hollywood beauty, Kate Hudson, said:

“I love working with Cory, I always have. He really, really inspires me, and he motivates me and I think he’s just so talented.”

Lea, who despite being seen holding hands with Cory on numerous occasions has stayed schtum on her romance with Cory, added:

“Working with him has been one of the best experiences of this whole process.”

How sweet!

The actress recently played down the rumours that she was a diva, telling Nylon magazine recently:

I think I got hit with some pretty hard things at the beginning that were not good representations of my personality, and people put a label – I think they like to do that – and it really got to me.

“And I think I was fighting so hard to change that, that I was not really being myself. [But] I came to a place where I’m much happier personally in my life and because of that I really don’t feel like I need to explain anything or be anything. I’m really proud of who I am.”

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