Glee Remembers Cory Monteith During Emotional Episode Where Rachel Finally Makes It On Broadway


It’s been a dream of Rachel Berry’s since the first day we met her at McKinley High and on last night’s episode of Glee, that dream finally came true when Lea Michele’s Rachel Berry made her Broadway debut in Funny Girl.

However, as Rachel prepared to get on the stage and perform with her friends including Santana and co. there to support her, she remembered Finn Hudson – her on-screen boyfriend played by her real life beau Cory Monteith, who tragically passed away last year.

In one moving scene, Lea’s Rachel was seen talking to Mr Schue (Matt Morrison) about how she had brought Finn a seat because she wanted to honour the promise that she made him that there would be a seat for him when she finally made it on Broadway.

However, that wasn’t the only reference to Cory’s character as Rachel was also seen wearing the necklace with Finn’s name. Finn also made an appearance when Rachel remembered him looking at her in the halls of their High School.

Keeping the memory of Finn as she sang the last song in the musical resulted in her getting rave reviews with Rachel being happy with one critic’s comments about her which read:

“I don’t know where inside that small frame did she find the emotion she delivered with that song, but she melted the icy heart inside me.”

Tweeting about the episode, Lea wrote: “I absolutely LOVED tonight’s episode of #Glee! It was so fun singing all the amazing songs from #funnygirl and #PumpingBlood was so fun!”