Glam Gran To Cranky Clown: Katy Perry Goes Under Disguise For ‘Birthday’ Music Video Preview (WATCH)

Katy Perry may have one of the most recognisable faces in pop but fans will have to double-take when they clasp eyes on the preview for her upcoming ‘Birthday’ music video as she can be seen donning a number of shocking disguises including a Jewish Princess entertainer and a drunk clown.

In the teaser clip titled ‘The World’s Worst Birthday Party Entertainers,’ Katy, 29, first appears as Goldie, an aging dancer who happens to British still sporting a flapper outfit which exposes her unflatteringly saggy boobs, dodgy peroxide blonde hair and wrinkly skin.

Meet Goldie! Katy is completely unrecognisable as the aging dancer (YouTube)

“My name is Goldie because of my golden nuggets, I was great friends with all the boys in the Rat Pack, have you heard that song The Lady is a Tramp? That might be about me,” Goldie slurs. Charming!

Next up is Yosef Shulum the MC, which sees Katy don an afro, moustache and ill-fitting suit while she also appears to have packed on the pounds slightly.

Kriss the Clown seemed more interested in drinking than entertaining (YouTube)

The ‘Roar’ songstress then transforms into Kriss the Clown who doesn’t seem to be too enthused at the prospect of entertaining the kids party, admitting that he’s only interviewing for the job to “get some cash on the side,” before offering some sound yet inappropriate advice: “Don’t start drinking kids,” before swigging from a cup.

Katy also appears as party Princess Mandee (YouTube)

After appearing as Ace the animal trainer, Katy looks more like her usual self dressed as an all-American party Princess donning a blonde wig and pink gown reminiscent of a Barbie doll.

“I am Mandee Rogers aka lil princess with no I, I am a cancer I am a water sign. I dress up as a princess and basically face paint these little girls faces and stuff and tell them stories and things that never come true,” Katy says in character using the sweetest voice.