Gigi & Bella Hadid Discuss Walking Victoria’s Secret Show Together

As always, the annual Victoria’s Secret show went off with a bang last night and the two biggest stars to hit the runway were sisters Bella and Gigi Hadid. It was Bella’s first time walking for the lingerie company, while it was Gigi’s second stint. Now, the duo have spoken on working together and being a part of the huge show. Bella explains that her older sister has been on hand to offer her help preparing:

”She’ll always give me her honest opinion about everything – she watched my rehearsal yesterday. She’s always right there with me, so it calms me a little bit … I’m just trying to get out there and be confident and work it as hard as I possibly can. I’ll try to channel Beyonc√©. I don’t know, I’ll just try to be myself and go out there and try and kill it.”

Speaking just before the show, Gigi added that she gets emotional thinking about her sister being there and says it’s a very proud moment for her because they’re the first sisters to ever walk together at the show:

”It is a dangerous thing to ask about my sister because I am going to get emotional and I just got my makeup done. But, I am so proud of her. We watched the show together as kids, I feel like every sisters around the world that watch the show, dream about being in it together one day. For Bella and I to be the first sisters ever in the show together is just such a honour and we are just so excited to be here.”

Gigi comments that her mother Yolanda Foster, is also over the moon and both of their parents are so excited to see the show:

”[My mother] is definitely losing her mind. I think that tonight she is a bit of a guest of honour being the mom of two in the show. I am pretty excited that she is here and that both my parents, my dad is here as well, get to see both Bella and I in the show, so it is going to be amazing.”