George Clooney To Ditch Acting For Politics?

George Clooney is allegedly considering a major career move – jumping ship from acting to politics, with a view to possibly becoming a future president.

US tabloid Star quotes a source as saying the ‘Descendants’ actor has had many an offer from politicians about joining them, and his arrest last week for protesting human rights violations has fuelled his appetite to make a difference to the country.

“[He] has a real interest in politics and an innate need to accomplish more than any present politician is doing,” it is claimed.

“It’s a well-kept secret within his camp that George has been approached about running for office by many people in politics.”

George’s father Nick ran for office ‘back in the day’, but the man himself is actually quoted late last year by Gossip Cop as saying that he, erm, has no interest in making a similar move.

“I have a very good life and I have a very comfortable existence. If I want to dip my toes in issues involved in politics — like I’m talking about Sudan or Darfur… then I can, and I’m happy to do it and don’t have to compromise as a politician. So I find it to be much nicer where I am.”