George Clooney And Abraham Lincoln Are Related

New studies have reported that George Clooney is related to former US President Abraham Lincoln, with the Oscar winner apparently being the ‘half-first cousin five times removed from Lincoln’. Standard…

Family tree experts at have revealed that the ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ star and the 16th President of the U.S share the same heritage, in shock new claims.

According to the studies, George is the half-first cousin five times removed from Lincoln, with Lincoln’s mother Nancy Hanks being the half-sister of Clooney’s fourth great-grandmother, Mary Ann Sparrow. Hanks and Sparrow shared the same mother, Lucy Hanks, but had different fathers. All very confusing, don’t you think?

Lucy Hanks was also Lincoln’s maternal grandmother, as well as the 5th great-grandmother of Clooney.

And that’s not the only weird and wonderful family-tree news in the world of celebs, with Halle Berry recently revealing that she’s related to Sarah Palin.

In an interview with Extra the actress said, “Sarah Palin!” when asked if she was related to anyone illustrious, adding: “In some twisted way…somebody sent me this information that she was my distant [relative].”

The question came about because ‘Cloud Atlas’ co-star Tom Hanks is said to ALSO be a distant relative of President Abraham Lincoln’s mother, Nancy Hanks.

Their movie also promotes the idea that very different people can be connected through time, and she hinted that in some way it may explain her connection to the ‘mama grizzly’, adding: “This is the Cloud Atlas continuum without a doubt I’m telling you the connections that go through! It doesn’t matter who, what race, where, what time.”

Who’s going to be next to admit to having an odd celeb relation?