Geordie Shore’s Vicky Pattison Blasts Rebecca Walker In Latest Episode

Tonight’s episode of Geordie Shore seems set to provide more infighting, as Vicky Pattinson will be seen lashing out again at her new co-star Rebecca Walker, branding her “f***ing fake”.

Co-star Holly Hagan will be seen having to comfort Walker after the newbie in the house descends into floods of tears. Confiding in Hagan, Walker will be heard saying: “It’s the weirdest like uncomfortable feeling I’ve ever felt, like I feel like the outsider again.”

Vicky: Not getting on with Rebecca

Pattison is no stranger to controversy at the moment, with boyfriend Ricci Guarnaccio being kicked out after a fight at her birthday party. She also accused the show of editing footage of the fight to make Ricci seem the worst of the pair.

Vicky stated that she thinks Rebecca may be feigning her difficulties in acclimatising to the MTV show, she said: “She’s announced that she’s shy, she doesn’t like chatting up lads, she gets embarrassed, she gets this; the minute there’s five lads in a room she goes running over.”

Yet Walker told Hagan that she felt uncomfortable blending in, saying: “You’re the only person that I speak with and I feel like I can be myself in front of you because what I say in front of them everyone frowns upon it like, like I try to speak to people and they just walk, as if I’m not even there…”

Geordie Shore bosses will be hoping that the girls can keep their cool better than the lads, otherwise there won’t be many Geordies left on the shore by the series’ end.

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