Best Sci-fi movies & tv shows to watch so far in 2017

The Best Sci-fi movies & tv series of the last decade

    Picture of Interstellar


    07 Nov 2014
    by Christopher Nolan

    Scientists declare that Earth is dying. Now they have to find another planet for the human race. Will they..... Read more

    Picture of Europa Report

    Europa Report

    27 Jun 2013
    by Sebastián Cordero

    A team of scientists go into outer space to find out if any form of life exists on Europa, one of..... Read more

    Picture of Oblivion


    19 Apr 2013
    by Joseph Kosinski

    Jack Harper is left on Earth to keep guard and repair drones. In a few days, he and his partner Vika are to..... Read more

    Picture of Hard to be a God

    Hard to be a God

    27 Feb 2014
    by Aleksey German

    Scientists are sent to the planet Arkanar to help them move forward. Anton takes on the identity of a..... Read more

    Picture of Midnight Special

    Midnight Special

    21 Apr 2016
    by Jeff Nichols

    Roy protects his son, Alton, from being taken by a religious cult and the government, wanting Alton for his..... Read more

    Picture of The Lobster

    The Lobster

    16 Oct 2015
    by Yorgos Lanthimos

    David has to find a partner in 45 days or be turned into an animal. As he was about to be turned, he..... Read more

    Picture of Ex Machina

    Ex Machina

    24 Apr 2015
    by Alex Garland

    Caleb is to check the intelligence of Ava, an android robot. Little did he realize that she is much smarter..... Read more

    Picture of I Origins

    I Origins

    19 Sep 2014
    by Mike Cahill

    Ian is a scientist who is out to prove the evolution of the eye. He meets and falls in love with Sofi but..... Read more

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