Best Romance movies & tv shows to watch so far in 2017

The Best Romance movies & tv series of the last decade

    Picture of Switched at Birth

    Switched at Birth

    by Lizzy Weiss

    Years into their youth, two young girls learn that they were accidentally switched at birth. Their families..... Read more

    Picture of Little Dorrit

    Little Dorrit

    by N/A

    The story focuses on Amy Dorrit who leads a life of labour and toil to earn money for her family. Her life..... Read more

    Picture of Love


    by Gaspar Noé

    A series that depicts the intricacies of married life as a couple discover the pros and cons of this..... Read more

    Picture of Meiden van de Wit

    Meiden van de Wit

    by N/A

    Show revolves around the three sisters who together run a milk factory. It focuses on the ups and downs in..... Read more

    Picture of Deutschland 83

    Deutschland 83

    by Anna LeVine

    The series depicts the actions of a rookie spy assigned to infiltrate into the West German Army, whose..... Read more

    Picture of Naši i Vaši

    Naši i Vaši

    by Mario Raguz

    A student couple are expecting a child so they decide to get married. The decision offends their parents..... Read more

    Picture of Revolution Z

    Revolution Z

    by N/A

    The series is about a group of teens who get closer and connect through the bond of music but soon fall..... Read more

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