‘Game of Thrones’ & ‘True Detective’ Will Both Get Another Season

There has been rumours that Game of Thrones might wrap up after 7 seasons (they’re currently filming the 6th season right now) but Lombardo has commented that probably isn’t the case, although he doesn’t know how much longer it will go on for. He believes that they’ll likely keep going for two years after the 6th season:

“I think ‘seven seasons and out’ has never been the conversation. The question is how much beyond the seventh season we’re going to do. Obviously we’re shooting six now and hopefully discussing seven. They’re feeling like they’re probably two more years after six. I’ve said before, I would always love for them to change their minds but that’s what we’re looking at right now.”

When asked if HBO could make a prequel series based on the Mad King & the Targaryens, he responded that he’d love to work on any ideas the creators might have to add further to GoT but that would be a long way into the future as the focus is just on the main show right now:

“I would be open to anything that Dan and David wanted to do about Game of Thrones or almost any subject matter. It would really depend fully for us on what they wanted to do. I think you’re right, there’s enormous storytelling to be mined in a prequel. But you’d have to have George and Dan and David decide they want to tackle that. At this point, all the focus is on figuring out the next few years of this show. We haven’t had any conversations about that at this point.”

There is much speculation about Jon Snow, as we were left with a cliffhanger last season – is he dead? Lombardo says yes (but that doesn’t mean he has to stay dead, does it?):

“Dead is dead is dead is dead. He be dead. Yes. Everything I’ve seen, heard or read, Jon Snow is dead.”

They’re going ahead with season 3 of ‘True Detective’ and he hopes the show will keep going even after that (even though season 2 sucks and everyone knows it sucks):

“I’m not in the business and never been in the business of micromanaging the process in a sense of telling the writer that this is the beat they need to follow in how they tell a story. I think Nic [Pizzolatto] is a very—adventurous is not the right word—he’s a bold storyteller. I mean that only in the most positive of ways. I think he takes risks in how he lays out a story, in the pacing of stories and I think it pays off in this particular season…I have already called him and said, ‘Nic, if you want to do a season three, let’s start talking.’ I’m not calling him to say, ‘Let’s talk about season three if you follow some rules of mine.’ That’s not a conversation I’m ever interested in having or think I need to have with Nic. What he’s doing on True Detective is so much bolder and braver and ultimately, for me, satisfying, that I would happily be in business with him for a very long time.”