Game Of Thrones Influence: Arya Has Been Most Popular Baby Name Last Year

The character names in the fantastic Game of Thrones seems to be catching on with people in America and laying a marker for the next generation of children.

Khaleesi, a made up name in an imaginary language in the hit show has been so popular that 146 baby girls in the United States have reportedly been named Khaleesi.

The meaning of the name is “queen” in the Dothraki language – which is a made up language by George R.R Martin; the author of the books.

The popularity of the name is ever increasing among fans of the show which is based on the books, as the name has dramatically increased by 450 per cent since 2011. There was no surprise that the name was completely unknown the year before.

Laura Wattenberg, a baby name expert said: “Plenty of authors dating back to Shakespeare have invented names that caught on with parents.

“You can even find names from imagined fantasy worlds that have been used on real-world babies. But a name taken from a words that are not a name, from an imagined language? I can’t think of a precedent.”

The increasing popularity of giving baby names from an imagined language from hit TV shows may be on the increase as Game of Thrones may have started off a popular trend.

The news came as it was revealed Arya was the fastest-growing baby name in the US last year. The character seems to have influenced parents and the choice of baby names as it rose in ranking from 711th in 2011 to 413th in 2012.