Game Of Thrones: Hannah Murray Opens Up On Samwell and Gilly’s Romance

Game of Thrones has seen Gilly, played by Hannah Murray, capture the heart of young Samwell Tarly, played by John Bradley, and it sounds like the pair are great pals in real life too.

Former Skins star Hannah has revealed that the two love laughing at celebrities that are egotistical.

“John likes to read me funny tweets in the car on the way home,” Murray told Vulture.

“Like pretentious actor-y things. I think it’s good to laugh at them, because then you can deflate their egos a bit.”

Things are heating up onscreen for the pair, as the last episode saw Samwell finally show Gilly how he feels about her by planting a surprise kiss on her, in what the 24-year-old describes as a “romantic and lovely” scene.

She quipped: “Sam takes charge and it’s all very manly and romantic and lovely.”

Speaking about the tender moment to HBO, the actress admitted that the scene wasn’t quite as romantic in real life because the actress didn’t give back quite the reaction that John wanted! Murray admitted that the move wasn’t a personal vendetta against her co-star, but just something that she felt her character would do because she isn’t particularly in touch with her emotions.

“John was like, ‘You’re not giving me very much back.’ And I told him it’s wasn’t a personal thing, it was a character choice. I felt that Gilly has never been kissed before, and she probably doesn’t even really know what kissing is,” the British actress explained.

Hannah also revealed that she was delighted to be able to share the screen with Rose Leslie, who played warrior Ygritte in the hit series.

In a scene that doesn’t actually feature in the original George R. R Martin’s novels, Ygritte saves Gilly and her newborn during a violent raid.

“It’s really exciting (when) you’re like, I’ve gone off-book! I’m off-book!” Murray said.

“It’s like this unchartered territory where anything could happen.”

The show’s exciting season finale will air next week.