Game Of Thones’ Maisie Williams Teases ‘Brutal’ Scenes For Arya Stark

Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams has hinted that viewers will see a change in her character Arya Stark later this season.

The actress told Access Hollywood that the aftermath of the death of the man who taunted her about her mother’s death will be dark for her, and will bring out a more “brutal” side of her character.

Asked for teasers for Arya’s future, she said: “The hint [about Arya’s future] would be there are more people that are gonna get crossed off the list [of intended victims].

Maisie Williams (WENN)

“That’s kind of the biggest hint I can give and more of that – this new Arya. We’ve now introduced this new Arya. It’s not like she’s lost at all, she’s just completely grown and is now much better – doing much better off.”

It seems her time spent with The Hound instead of Gendry (Joe Dempsie) and Jaqen H’ghar (Tom Wlaschiha) is also helping her.

“They all softened her,” Maisie mused. “That’s the thing. I think she realises that actually, they were great and… she learned a lot, but they weren’t effective, if you understand what I mean.

“Saying the names is great, but I haven’t actually killed anyone yet. And with The Hound, brutality kills, do you know what I mean?”