Future Couple? Harry Styles Says Neon Jungle’s Asami Zdrenka Is ‘Really Hot’

Neon Jungle star Asami Zdrenka is known to be a huge fan of One Direction’s Harry Styles, so you can imagine her happiness at meeting him earlier this year.

And according to her bandmates, the boyband hottie said she’s “really hot” – do we have a new couple on the cards?

“He was really nice and it was really weird because obviously I’m a really big fan of One Direction but when I was talking to him I didn’t feel like I was talking to Harry from One Direction,” she said to Heat.

“I just thought I was talking to Harry Styles who just so happened to be in the same business as me.”

Her Neon Jungle partner in crime Amira chimed in: “I reckon there were sparks. He whispered in my ear that she’s hot.”

“Yeah same,” Jess agreed. “He said that she’s amazing. He said ‘Asami’s really hot!’ and I was like ‘Yeah she is isn’t she!’.”

Go on Hazza.. give her a call!

Neon Jungle’s new single ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ was released this week and is showing at No7 in the midweek charts.