‘Furious’ Robert Pattinson Begs Kristen Stewart To ‘Stop Wearing My Clothes!’

We’ve all seen photos of Kristen Stewart out and about in ex boyfriend Robert Pattinson’s hat / shirt / entire wardrobe and, let’s be honest, we all thought it was a teeny bit peculiar…

And none more so than RPattz himself who, according to new reports, has angrily ordered the ‘Twilight’ actress to “throw them all away”.

Ouch. That’s gotta hurt, hasn’t it KStew?

According to sources at OK! magazine, Robert Pattinson finally lost his temper with his cheating ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’ ex and has begged her to stop wearing his clothes in public:

“[Rob] told her he didn’t want her wearing his clothes in public because they’re not a couple anymore.”

“[He] told her to throw them all away. He never wants to wear them, and he never wants her to wear them either. Rob is beyond angry at her.”

It’s unsurprising that RPattz wants KStew to stop wearing his old clothes in public; after all, it’s probably a stark reminder for him of all that he lost when her affair with married director Rupert Sanders was leaked to the press.

Do you think it’s fair for Robert Pattinson to be upset about Kristen Stewart wearing his clothes in public – especially as he’s trying to move on with his life? Or should KStew be allowed to grieve for her relationship in the way that suits her best?

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 Robert Pattinson raises a smile: Janet Mayer/Splashnews