FULL VIDEO: Solange Knowles Violently Attacks Sister Beyonce’s Husband Jay Z

Footage that appears to show Jay Z being attacked by his sister-in-law Solange Knowles, believed to be taken from the Met Ball last week, has been released online.

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The CCTV clip appears to show Solange, in a peach dress approach the rapper, who is in a white dinner jacket as they get in the lift. After what seems to be an exchange of words ‘Solange’ strikes the 99 Problems star who pushes her back, with a bodyguard fighting to restrain the singer.

The three stars emerge from the Met Ball after the alleged fight (SplashNews)

Beyonce appears to stand next to her husband and at one point does get between the fighting pair as Solange continues to be restrained. The woman identified as Solange continues to kick and punch out towards Jay-Z while being held by the bodyguard.

Trying to contain the fight, the bodyguard can be seen hitting the emergency stop button in the lift.

Jay is seen picking something up from the floor and handing it to Beyonce before Solange goes for another hit. The whole incident seems to last 3:32 seconds.

The three didn’t look very happy as they left the Met Ball with Beyonce the only one attempting a fake smile for the cameras.

It’s worth noting Beyonce and Solange get in one car, while Jay Z hesitates moves away from the car and then gets a separate vehicle.

Check out the shocking footage: