Five Things You Didn’t Know About Macklemore And Ryan Lewis

Macklemore (aka Ben Haggarty) and Ryan Lewis have had a phenomenal rise to fame over the last year, but how well do you know the American Hip Hop team?

Below are five things you probably did not know about the ‘Thrift Shop’ creators:

1. Macklemore and creative partner Ryan Lewis have shot to fame in the last year with their album ‘The Heist’ but before they paired up Macklemore released an EP in 2000 titled ‘Open Your Eyes’ and album called ‘The Language Of My World’ in 2005.

Macklemore has been in the music industry since 2000 (DB/WENN)

2. Ben Haggerty’s stage name Macklemore comes from being known as ‘Professor Macklemore’, he explained to MTV ACT: “When I was 17 I was living in Brooklyn, NY for the summer. I was young, creative, boney and drunk a lot of the time. I use to go to thrift shops and buy the most flamboyant plaid outfits. When I’d go out in the city and kick it, I would dress up in these garments. When I did this I was known as ‘Professor Macklemore.’

3. Ryan Lewis is a man of many talents, he was originally a professional photographer and first met his musical partner when he photographed Macklemore in 2006. After becoming friends Ryan began producing music with him and now also DJ’s live on their tour. Ryan also directed the music videos for ‘Thrift Shop,’ ‘Same Love’ and Can’t Hold Us.’

Ryan Lewis first met Macklemore back in 2006 (DB/

4. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have been winning a crazy amount of awards this year. Okay so you may have seen the pair pick up the odd award here or there but they have received a lot more recognition than you may realise. They have already won nine awards this year including three MTV VMAs and a BET Award. The ‘Same Love’ duo have an incredible amount of nominations pending which includes six AMAs, five MTV EMAs and two BET Hip Hop awards.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have been winning lots of awards (TRY CW/WENN)

5. Ben Haggarty is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. In an interview with Rolling Stone earlier this year he admitted that it had been difficult to stay sober since rising to fame: “It’s been a struggle the past year. It’s very important to go into the rooms of AA, smell the s****y coffee and be reminded that without sobriety, I would have no career.” Ben has now been sober since 2008 when he went to rehab.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are currently on tour in the US until December. Watch the video for their massive hit ‘Thrift Shop’ below: