First Kim, Now Khloe Kardashian! Star To Have Her Own Talk Show?

With reports claiming that Kim Kardashian could have her own spin-off show with her beau Kanye West, it has been suggested that Khloe could also be getting her own show… with her mum.

Not content with the success of the family’s fly-on-the-wall series, HollywoodLife reports that Kris is now interested in fronting her own talk show with her daughter Khloe.

With the initial idea of a talk show thought to be Khloe’s, a source revealed that Kris now wants to play a role.

The insider said: “Kris thinks a mother-daugher talk show would be brilliant. At first Khloe was interested in hosting her own talk-show, but Kris started toying with the idea of being her co-host.”

Revealing the sort of topics may be covered on the show, the source added: “They want to make it family friendly and discuss all different types of subjects from infertility to sister rivalry. They also want to have celebrity guests on the show starting with Kayne and Kim!

“This will be part of their $40 million dollar deal with E!”

What do you think? Would you tune into Kris and Khloe’s talk show?