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We Were Soldiers (2002)

Probably the most solid Vietnam war movie since the classics from the ’80’s, ‘We Were Soldiers’ evolves around the harrowing story of 450 American soldiers surrounded by a North Vietnamese army division of 4,000 men.

IMDb6.0 (59,091 ratings)
DirectorRandall Wallace
CastMel Gibson, Madeleine Stowe, Greg Kinnear, Sam Elliott
Country United States
TopicVietnam War
Rotten Tomatoes63%

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1. Windtalkers (2002-06-14)

Picture of Windtalkers 7.2 (112,318 ratings)
33% 51

Directed by John Woo & Starring Nicolas Cage, Adam Beach, Peter Stormare, Noah Emmerich.

Joe Enders is a gung-ho Marine assigned to protect a "windtalker" - one of several Navajo Indians who were used to relay messages during...

2. The Patriot (2000-06-28)

Picture of The Patriot 7.2 (223,263 ratings)
63/100 63

Directed by Roland Emmerich & Starring Mel Gibson, Heath Ledger, Joely Richardson, Jason Isaacs.

After proving himself on the field of battle in the French and Indian War, Benjamin Martin wants nothing more to do with such things,...

3. Behind Enemy Lines (2001-11-17)

Picture of Behind Enemy Lines
6.4 (91,166 ratings)
49/100 49

Directed by John Moore & Starring Owen Wilson, Gene Hackman, Gabriel Macht, Charles Malik Whitfield.

While flying a routine reconnaissance mission over Bosnia, fighter pilot Chris Burnett photographs something he wasn't supposed to see and...