Last Days in Vietnam - similar movie recommendations

Last Days in Vietnam (2014)

‘Last Days in Vietnam’ is an outstanding documentary focussing on the chaotic final stage of the Vietnam War.

IMDb7.1 (356 ratings)
DirectorRory Kennedy
CastRichard Nixon, Henry Kissinger, Stuart Herrington, Juan Valdez
Country United States
TopicVietnam War
Rotten Tomatoes95%

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1. National Bird (2017-05-18)

Picture of National Bird 7.6 (3,157 ratings)
100% 75

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Sonia Kennebeck takes on the controversial tactic of drone warfare, and demands accountability through the personal...

2. Shooting Stars (1928-02-06)

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3. Vernon, Florida (1981-10-08)

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Directed by Errol Morris & Starring Albert Bitterling, Roscoe Collins, George Harris, Joe Payne.

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