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Blue and not so pink (2012)

Diego is a homosexual photographer. When his partner goes into a coma after an awful accident, he must take care of his straight son.

IMDb6.2 (1,856 ratings)
DirectorMiguel Ferrari
CastGuillermo Garcia, Ignacio Montes, Hilda Abrahamz, Carolina Torres
Country Venezuela
GenreDrama & LGBT/Gay
TopicDysfunctional Families, Fashion & Photography
Rotten Tomatoes
MetacriticNo Ratings Yet

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1. Absent (2011-06-19)

Picture of Absent 7.5 (1,663 ratings)

Directed by Marco Berger & Starring Carlos Echevarría, Javier De Pietro, Antonella Costa, Alejandro Barbero.

Sebastiano teaches high school gym classes and coaches swimming. He’s got a job, a girlfriend, and a pretty normal life. But as young...

2. Foreign Relations (2014-03-28)

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Directed by Reid Waterer & Starring Kevin Grant Spencer, Anthem Moss, Orel De La Mota, A.J. Beckton.

On a Mediterranean group tour, shy Tom is randomly assigned an intriguing Greek roommate who provokes the age old question: Gay or European?

3. Antarctica (2008-01-01)

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7.8 (1,172 ratings)

Directed by Koreyoshi Kurahara & Starring Ken Takakura, Tsunehiko Watase, Eiji Okada, Masako Natsume.

Set in Tel Aviv, focuses on an interconnected group of friends and their various relationships. At the center is the adorably bookish Omer,...