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The Front Line (2011)

The Korean War’s final battle is a fight to determine the border between North and South Korea.

IMDb6.4 (422 ratings)
DirectorHun Jang
CastHa-kyun Shin, Soo Go, Seung-su Ryu, Chang-Seok Ko
Country South Korea
TopicNorth Korea & The Korean War
Rotten Tomatoes67%

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1. The Classified File (2015-06-18)

Picture of The Classified File 7.4 (4,699 ratings)

Directed by Kyung-taek Kwak & Starring Young-nam Jang, Ho-bin Jeong, Yun-seok Kim, Young-chang Song.

Busan in 1978. Gil-young, a veteran detective got the special request from the parents of a missing child, Eun-joo to investigate her case....

2. Running Turtle (2009-06-11)

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Directed by Yeon-woo Lee & Starring Yun-seok Kim, Kyung-ho Jung, Woo-seon Seon, Mi-ri Gyeon.

Phil-sung is a lazy countryside detective. He is suspended from office due to his mistakes during examination process. Ki-tae is a legendary...

3. Man of Vendetta (2010-07-01)

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6.4 (494 ratings)

Directed by Min-ho Woo & Starring Myung-min Kim, So-hyun Kim, Byung-joon Lee, Joo-mi Park.

One day, Hye Lin, the five-year old daughter of a devoted pastor, Joo Young Soo, is kidnapped. Pastor Joo, who has a rock solid faith in God...