‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Sparks Sex Toy Spending Spree

EL James’ novel ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ has become the fastest selling paperback in history, but it seems British women want to do far more than just turn the pages on Christian Grey’s racy relationship with Anastacia Steele, they want to recreate it, as they’re reportedly flocking to sex shops.

The Observer reports that Ann Summers is just one such outlet claiming that sales of blindfolds, whips and handcuffs have soared as it brings out readers’ adventurous side in the bedroom.

The paper quotes Fiona Davis, a director of Ann Summers, as saying: “Fifty Shades Of Grey just proves what we know to be true; that the UK loves sex and wants more. We think erotica has always been bubbling under the ‘mainstream’ surface and actually it is incredibly popular.”

London’s Soho area, the sex centre of the city, has reportedly seen a surge of interest as people get in touch with their sexual sides without being branded sordid.

The area will no doubt get another boost when the movie version of the novel comes out, our readers voted that they’d like to see Ian Somerhalder and Mila Kunis take the lead roles.

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