Fifty Shades Of Grey Potential Emma Watson ‘Willing To Go Nude’ Onscreen

Emma Watson is prepared to get her kit off for the raunchy film version of ‘50 Shades of Grey’. What would Ron say?

The former ‘Harry Potter’ star tackled adult themes in her new flick ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’, and now she’s ready to take on even more adventurous and adult roles.

The 22 year old told Hello! she wouldn’t say no to nudity: “’I’ve been saying since I was 16 that if it’s the right role and important for character development and the story, then of course I’ll do it.’

The fomrer child star has been tipped to play the female lead in ‘Fifty Shades’, although the actress has strongly denied she is attached.

But the suggestion is flattering, says Emma. ‘It’s very exciting that people are starting to see me in a different way,’ says Emma.

‘It means that they’re allowing me the space to grow and develop and reincarnate myself.’

My Hermione, how you’ve grown!