Fifth Harmony Talk New Video, Demi Lovato & Life After X Factor

Anyone who watched The X Factor USA during its greatest season (the middle one, FYI) will be familiar with Fifth Harmony; the underdog girlband who came in third place and went on to become the most successful act the show produced in its three years on air.

Now, FINALLY, they’re preparing to break the UK. With single of choice ‘Bo$$’, they have the enviable launch pad of our own X Factor’s semi-final to their advantage, and we cannot wait to hear what else their debut album Reflection has in store.

Ally Brooke explains everything you need to know about the girls…

On their new video for ‘Sledgehammer’:
“With the video coming out in the next few days, you’ll definitely see our growth and transformation. We’re so excited. [It’s] definitely more laid-back than [previous single] ‘Bo$$’ was, but very dreamy and sensual and, like, there’s a lot of hue-y elements to it. I think it’s probably not what people might be expecting. I think people might be expecting something pretty obvious with the lyrics.”

How it feels to finally have their album coming out:
“It’s crazy, so much has happened the last two years for us and our careers. It’s always been a dream of ours to travel the world – especially to the UK. Not only are we going to the UK, we’re also performing on one of the biggest stages in the entire world… unbelievable, it’s such an honour. We’re so ecstatic, I don’t think words can really describe it.”

What could the UK expect?
“I would describe us as a group of different, crazy girls who love music and we love performing. We just love music in general, and I think our sound is definitely eclectic. We go from pop to R’n’B, a variety of genres. It can cater to a lot of people, and we really love our fans.”

On Simon Cowell:
“He’s just had a baby and he’s really, really busy so we haven’t been able to really see him but he’s had a lot of input on our album, and he is so heavily involved, which is amazing. We love him and it’s just awesome that even though he is crazy-busy, he still makes time for us. It’s so awesome and we cannot wait to see him in his homeland. That’s gonna be so great.”

Returning to the X Factor:
“I think it’s definitely still going to be nostalgic being on an X Factor stage, but being on one where we’re guest performers is going to be so incredible. We’re just going to go up there and give it our best; give our UK fans the best that we can give them and we’re so excited. It’ll be such fun, we’ll enjoy every minute. It’s such an honour to be there.”

Working with The Vamps:
“It was funny because me and James and Tristan had this hilarious conversation about how we say certain things differently. Like, we say ‘restroom’ and we’ll say ‘toilet’, or they’ll say ‘bin’ and we say ‘trash’… and it was so funny, we had the funniest conversations. But I know that they’re excited for us to go to their homeland, and we’re actually seeing if we can hang out when we’re there, so we’ll see if that happens.”

THOSE rumours about Lauren and Brad:
“Yeah, it is kinda funny. We love them both so much, you know, they’re friends. It’s definitely funny. It’s cool that we’re ALL really close with them and we love those boys, they’re awesome.”

Getting advice from Demi Lovato:
“I love her so much. Her best advice was to stay true to ourselves and always make sure that we’re happy because at the end of the day we’re the ones going out there and everything, and she said not to be afraid to speak up and always make the environment fun. So she’s great. She’s had an incredible career and we love her as a person and an artist.”

The secret to X Factor success:
“I just think we really owe it all to our fans, our Harmonizers. They’ve been with us since the beginning; like, literally day one. It’s just amazing because I don’t know what the formula is, or what the secret is. I just know that we’re really, really blessed because not a lot of people have what we have. We just owe it all to our Harmonizers.”

Finding fame so young:
“Crazy. I’m 21 now but when we started out I was 18. It was kind of thing where once you went, you went. It was zero to a hundred real quick! It was pretty intense. I think it really helps that throughout all of them, throughout the pressures and the high and low of the competition, we all had each-other. We all had each-other to lean on so that was so nice to have that. We still have that today and we’re just stronger as a group and as people so it’s really, really awesome.”

The group’s developing style:
“Well, at first, honestly, we didn’t really have much of a say because we were all trying to figure out our style and our sound. So at first we didn’t really have much say but now we are really involved, which is amazing. We have a lot of say and input in a lot of our projects. It’s really awesome; even to go from not having a lot of say to having a lot of say is really great. I feel like you have to go through that to appreciate it.”

And finally…Christmas wish?
“Oh my gosh, yes the holidays are my favourite time of the year! I literally just get so excited and so happy, it’s unbelievable! But this year I’d really, really love to get Justin Timberlake tickets for his last show, and then just to be with my friends and family and spend time with them and make sure they’re OK. And I can’t wait to go shopping for them!”

Fifth Harmony release ‘Bo$$’ in the UK on December 7.