Fantastic Four Director Josh Trank To Use ‘Found Footage’ For Superhero Reboot?

Fox boss Emma Watts has hinted that Fantastic Four director Josh Trank is likely to shake-up the superhero reboot with a “found footage” feel.

The 30-year-old used the shaky DIY effect, which gives the impression that a movie has been filmed by random people, in his 2012 movie Chronicle, and Watts revealed he could tread down a similar route for the 2015 release.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Watts confided that Trank will do what he does best while directing the forthcoming movie, leading to a mountain of speculation that he will use the exact style of filming once again.

“It’s Josh, so it can’t not have that feel. That’s his talent, that’s what he does, and that’s what excites him about it,” she said.

“It is a really interesting young cast, and he is the magnet that’s brought them all together.”

Fantastic Four stars Kate Mara, Jamie Bell, Michael B Jordan and Miles Teller and is scheduled for release next June.