Family Guy Fans Start Petition After Revealing Shock Over Brian The Dog’s Death

Family Guy fans were left shocked when much-loved pooch Britain was killed off in last night’s episode and thousands decided to take action within hours of watching the show, starting a petition for the dog’s revival.

It didn’t take long for the petition to gather thousands of signatures, after Brian was struck by a car and ran over as he prepared to play in the street with Stewie in yesterday’s shocking episode.

Fans watched on in horror as doctors revealed the character’s injuries were too severe, leading to his death.

Family Guy fan Aaron Thompson, launched the petition earlier today and within hours, the effort asking for the beloved dog, voiced by Seth MacFarlane to be brought back to life, had already collected 1,500 signatures. It has now reached well over 2,000.

“Brian Griffin was an important part of our viewing experience,” Aaron wrote on the site. “He added a witty and sophisticated element to the show. Family Guy and Fox Broadcasting will lose viewers if Brian Griffin is not brought back to the show.”

The petition also links to a Facebook page, named ‘RIP Brian Griffin From Family Guy,’ that has already gathered more than 121,000 likes.

Family Guy fans were left shocked over last night’s episode (WENN/PR)

Meanwhile, lovers of the cartoon character also took to Twitter to post their anger over the storyline.

One wrote: “No no no no no NO NO NO NO !!!!! I AM NOT AMUSED AT ALL!!! The show is over……” (sic)

“I AM NOT OK WITH THIS FAMILY GUY DEATH. NOT OK!!!”, tweeted another fan who showed their emotion through the use of that ol’ caps lock button.

Whilst there were many that were left angered by the decision to kill off the much loved characters, other fans just tweeted about how much they were going to miss seeing Brian.

One fan and viewer tweeted: “The death of Brian in Family Guy really threw me off. I don’t like it. He was my favorite character”.

Another viewer wrote: “Never thought I’d be gutted at the death of a cartoon dog, but that is a terrible decision from the Family Guy producers.”