EXCLUSIVE: Harry Styles Fanfic Author Anna Todd Gives Us First Look At ‘After’ – Part 3

Anna Todd is set to release her brand new novel After on Tuesday October 21st and with her now being a good friend of EntertainmentWise, she’s only gone and given us an exclusive first look from six different sections of the book!

Scroll down for exclusive content from pages 57-58 of After

Whether you’ve read all or bits of the book online already, Anna’s physical copy will have lots of new content and these exclusive extracts will allow you to get a sneak peek ahead of the actual release next week – exciting or what? We’ll be posting an exclusive piece every day up until the release, with two on Monday, just because we like to spoil you like that. So, ENJOY and be sure to check back tomorrow for the next extract.

After is released on October 21 (Packshot)

After Extract – Page 57-58

Are they my friends? I don’t think they are. They only want me around so they can laugh at my inexperience. How dare Molly tell Hardin to kiss me—she knows that I have a boyfriend. Unlike her, I don’t go around making out with everyone. I’ve kissed only two boys in my life, Noah and Johnny, a freckle-faced kid in third grade who kicked me in the shin afterward. Would Hardin have gone along with the dare? I doubt it. His lips are so pink and full, and my head plays an image of Hardin leaning over to kiss me and my pulse begins to race.

What the hell? Why am I thinking about him like that? I am never drinking again.

Minutes later, the room begins to spin and I feel dizzy. My feet lead me upstairs to the bathroom and I sit in front of the toilet, expecting to throw up. Nothing happens. I groan and pull myself up. I am ready to go back to the dorms, but I know Steph won’t be ready for hours. I shouldn’t have come here. Again.

Before I can stop myself, my hand is turning the knob on the only room I’m somewhat familiar with in this oversize house. Hardin’s bedroom door opens without a problem. He claims to always lock his door, but he’s proving otherwise. It looks the same as before, only this time the room is moving around beneath my unsteady feet. Wuthering Heights is missing from where it was on the shelf, but I find it on the bedside table, next to Pride and Prejudice. Hardin’s comments about the novel replay in my mind. He has obviously read it before—and understood it—which is rare for our age group, and for a boy especially. Maybe he had to read it for class before, that’s why. But why is this copy of Wuthering Heights out? I grab it and sit on the bed, opening the book halfway through. My eyes scan the pages and the room stops spinning.