Evangeline Lilly Responds to ‘Best Butt Ever’ Magazine Cover

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‘The Hobbit’ actress Evangeline Lilly was surprised when a Women’s Health cover she posed for ended up going to print with a huge ‘Best Butt Ever’ caption and even included an arrow to her butt. The former ‘Lost’ beauty was appearing on Conan when he asked about how it all happened and if she knew about the butt caption:

“They go, ‘Best Butt Ever!’ and they have an arrow going to your butt, and I’m just curious, is that something they tell you before you do the shoot? Did they tell you they were going to do that?”

Evangeline commented that she was completely unaware of the headline they were running on the cover and she admits it isn’t a particularly classy moment in her career:

“No! Do you think I would’ve done the shoot if they said, ‘Oh, by the way, we’re gonna say, ‘Best Butt Ever!’ and put an arrow to your behind.’ No! You know, every woman’s after a kind of classy image.”

She added that she was surprised because it’s a women’s magazine and she didn’t strip off for the cover image:

“I didn’t want T and A on my cover, it’s a women’s magazine, it’s not Maxim.”

See the cover image here!

Photo: PRPhotos