Erin Angle, Wiki of Jon Bernthal’s lovely wife – Guess her Age!

Great pic of the married coupleAbout Erin Angle’s Husband Jon Bernthal

Jon Bernthal became a household name thanks to his role in The Walking Dead as Shane. Even if he was only part of the cast for two seasons, he established himself as an actor. He later scored a lead role as The Punisher. Born in 1976, in Washington DC, Jonathan Edward Bernthal studied at Skidmore College in New York. He later moved to Russia to study at The School of Moscow Art Theatre. While studying in Moscow, he also played baseball and this was where his talent was discovered by Harvard’s Executive Director for Advanced Theatre Training. He moved back to the US to finish his studies at Harvard. The 5’11” actor then started his career in off-Broadway plays. He starred in over 30 of them. He even won an Ovation Award for his role in “Small Engine Repair.”

His lovely wife Erin Angle, age a mystery

Erin Angle is the lovely wife of Bernthal. As some celebrity wives, she pretty much keeps a low profile and leaves the spotlight to her husband. He is, after all, the star in the family.

Erin and Jon got married in September 2010 in Maryland. Soon after, they became a family with the arrival of their first-born, Henry. Henry was born in 2011. Then they were blessed with another son, Billy, who was born in 2013. The princess of the family came in 2015, who was named Adeline. The Bernthals live in Los Angeles.

We have no clue how old Erin is, as we can find no such records, but she is thought to be around the same age as Jon.

Erin is the Nice of WWE Wrestler Kurt Angle

Not many people know that Erin is the niece of WWE wrestling superstar Kurt Angle. Even having a famous uncle did not draw Erin out into the spotlight. She prefers to lead a quiet life and be a homemaker. You can only spot Erin when she accompanies her husband on red carpet events.

Social Media Shy

She is also not active on social media. The only pictures you will see of her online would be photographs that Jon himself would share on his social media accounts. Apart from that, Erin has pretty much kept to herself and protects her children from the media by doing so.

Net Worth of 2 USD Million

With all the breaks that are coming Jon’s way, it is easy to see how Erin can afford to be at stay-at-home mom to their three kids. Their reported net worth is USD 2 million. They can truly live a comfortable life indeed. While other couples in Hollywood report separating and divorcing, we can say that this marriage won’t head in that direction.

This was our Wiki of Erin Angle for now – let us know what you know about her!