Entertainmentwise.com Klaxons: ‘We’re NOT New Rave’

Klaxons have distanced themselves from the so-called ‘New Rave’ movement saying it has nothing to do with them.

Speaking to Entertainmentwise, Jamie Reynolds from the acclaimed band says that the situation is spiralling out of control.

Referring to ‘New Rave’, he told us: “It’s a joke that’s got out of hand, I said it at the start of the year and people just won’t stop with it now, it’s got nothing to do with us.”

Jamie went on to tell us that despite the wave of hype they are riding on, they still don’t feel any pressure.

He added: “Well I don’t feel pressure ‘cos I think we have just made a really good record. If we had failed in making a good record then I would feel the pressure but we have confidence in the album.”

Klaxons’ debut album ‘Myths of the Near Future’ on January 29 through Polydor.