Emma Watson ‘Hires £90,000 Bodyguard To Protect Her From Obsessed Stalkers’!

Harry Potter star Emma Watson has become victim to so many scary incidents involving obsessed fans that the actress has now decided to hire a bodyguard, that is reportedly paid £90,000, to protect her.

The hefty fee is apparently the annual wage of the 23-year-old’s new female bodyguard after she suffered yet another scary encounter with a stalker on the set of her latest movie, Noah.

Emma was allegedly left screaming and in fear of her life after a ‘fan’ managed to dodge the studio’s security and make their way on set. Filming was then allegedly forced to stop following the star’s distress.

The Bling Ring actress’s new bodyguard comes in the shape of blonde former New York Police Department officer, Denise Morrone.

A source said: “The one person Emma is never without is Denise.

“Emma has had problems with stalkers in the past and, because of her wealth, there is always the threat of kidnap.

“She pays for her bodyguard out of her own pocket and Denise accompanies her everywhere, even when Emma is out for dinner.

“Denise is always there, making sure she is safe.”

And it would seem that Emma – who is estimated to be worth around £23 million – has got her money’s worth in Denise, who is reportedly very discreet and always on high alert.

“Denise is on high alert for one particular stalker who tracked Emma down on the set of her latest film,” another source told the Daily Mail. “She is very discreet and very good at her job. She is always there looking after Emma, but you wouldn’t know.

“She makes sure Emma has plenty of space and freedom. If they are at dinner, Denise is part of the gathering, but is always on duty.”

The Perks of Being A Wallflower star is usually seen trying to maintain a low profile and is rarely seen with any sort of entourage but that all looks set to change following her frightening encounters with stalkers.