Emma Watson Had a ‘Full Circle Moment’ After Filming Beauty & the Beast

The former ‘Harry Potter’ star realised after wrapping up Beauty and the Beast that it had been almost exactly 15 years since she was first cast as Hermoine in Harry Potter. Emma said it was “weird” because of all that hit her in that moment:

“It’s so weird. It’s one of those full circle moments as I did my last day on Beauty and the Beast as Belle and I was driving home and saw stuff reminding me that it was fifteen years to the day that I was cast as Hermione.”

Emma also appears alongside Ethan Hawke in upcoming film Regression and she says she instantly clicked with the actor. She commented that Ethan is a unique person and fun to be around during the filming process:

“He’s just such a joy to be around. Every day he would come into the make-up trailer playing a different instrument. Sometimes he’d rock up with a trumpet, sometimes he’d rock up with a guitar, sometimes he’d be singing. He’d always be reading something interesting. He was just really nice to be around. He was also a child actor, so it was nice. I got to talk to him a lot about what that’s like.”