Emma Stone Still Gets Starstruck, Has Meltdowns in Front of Other Stars!

‘Spiderman’ star Emma Stone has revealed that she embarrassingly still gets starstruck when she meets mega famous celebrities and can end up having a huge meltdown in front of the star she’s meeting. Emma admits to breaking down in tears when meeting Tom Hanks but he thankfully didn’t notice because she hid her tears:

”I’m starstruck by most people. I really get starstruck. I have cried in front of Sheryl Crow, Lorne Michaels and Tom Hanks but he doesn’t know it because I turned away really quickly.”

Emma says she also got quite worked up when working with Bill Murray on Zombieland because she was so overwhelmed and unloaded her excitement on her other co-star Woody Harrelson:

” I did not cry in front of Bill Murray but I freaked out in the car when he first came to set on ‘Zombieland’. I had a meltdown and Woody Harrelson thought it was the most ridiculous thing that ever happened. I just think he thought it was so funny that I was like, ‘Ahhh, Bill Murray’s coming! Bill Murray’s coming!’ and then he came and I was like, ‘Hey Bill. It’s so crazy you’re here. It’s hot right?”

The actress has since become close to Bill after working on another film – a project directed by Cameron Crowe – in Hawaii because they lived close during filming and she found the famous actor to be a lovely person:

”We’ve gotten to know each other better … He was my neighbour for a while, which was just the best. He’s just the most generous man. I wasn’t feeling that well for a little while he was there … He made me coffee. He got me an umbrella hat because he’s really sweet and because I’m fair and he was worried about the sun.”