Emily Thorne’s ‘Revenge’ Hamptons Home For Sale

Do you wish you had the Hamptons life of Revenge‘s Emily Thorne…you know, minus the lies, betrayal and murder? Well, now you can have a piece of the glamour as her house is on the market for just a million and a half bucks.

The beach-front home, which is in fact located in North Caroline where the majority of the show’s beach scenes are filmed, has been put on the market for the decidedly low price of $1.5m compared to it’s original price of $2.4m. Practically a steal!

The house is home to vengeful socialite Emily Thorne, played by Emily VanCamp and is a huge part of ABC‘s hit show, acting as the base for many shocking plot twists, nail-biting moments and dramatic flashbacks.

Most of the show is filmed 3,000 miles away in Los Angeles but Emily’s home is all filmed in the beach house.

This makes us wonder if Em’s is moving in Season 2!