Ellie Goulding Regrets Shaving Her Head & Junk Food Diet

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British singer Ellie Goulding has opened up on her biggest style regret. Ellie admits the worst thing she has ever done to herself in the name of fashion was shaving half of her head. She says she tried out the daring haircut during a big tomboy phase but she regrets ever doing it now that she is looking back at her old self:

”When I had half of my head shaved. It was my most extreme tomboy phase.”

Ellie also reveals that she once ate only junk food – sweets – for a whole week. Although the singer says she managed to lose weight on the dangerous diet, she says she would not repeat it again and it was an extremely unhealthy way to treat her body:

”Only eating sweets for a whole week. The worst thing was that I actually lost weight, but I would never do it again, it was so unhealthy.”

Nowadays, Ellie tries to stay healthy and regularly goes running. She has cut out most meat and fish from her diet, sticking to a mostly vegetarian meal plan:

 ”I run, I do a lot of exercise, and I’ve stopped eating meat and fish.”

Ellie adds that she would rarely fight with her sisters and the only time they would argue was over clothes:

”We would only really fight over clothes.”

Photo: PRPhotos