Elizabeth Hurley’s Cancer Campaigning

Look out for Elizabeth Hurley in the news again this October, as she does her bit for Breast Cancer Awareness month. The English Rose has been working as an ambassador for Estée Lauder’s breast cancer awareness campaign for over 19 years now, using her fame to promote better health for women everywhere.

Liz donned a sparkly pale pink number for the opening event of the month of fundraising, which took place at glitzy Bloomingdales. She spoke about her own experiences of losing a loved one to the disease – her grandmother died from breast cancer in 1992 and the actress and has repeatedly said that a greater understanding of the illness could have helped save her. Lack of knowledge about possible early signs and a general unwillingness to discuss an uncomfortable topic has led to many women receiving a diagnosis too late for effective treatment.

In the last eleven years, Estée Lauder has raised almost $50 million for the charity with their campaign and they’re aiming to get another $5 million more this year with a new range of ‘pink ribbon products’ at Bloomingdales. A certain amount of the price of each item will go to Breast Cancer Awareness – the perfect excuse to grab some new cosmetics! The campaign is also drawing on social media, encouraging women to form support groups online that will remind them to get checked.

Other companies have come up with products to raise money for the campaign, and you can grab everything form pink chairs to blenders, keyrings and headphones. Organise a pink day at work and get everyone to donate a bit of money! Sporty types can strap on a pair of trainers and raise money for the charity with a fun run, while indoor sorts can head to top bingo site 888 Ladies to take part in Pink Fridays, a new initiative that will match every £1 spent with equal donations to Breast Cancer Care.

The aim of the month is to raise awareness as well as money, and even small donations can help to fund hours of crucial research. Treat yourself and your conscience with a pretty pink product!