Elderly Adrenaline Junkie Marks 100th Birthday With Airbourne Loop-The-Loop Stunt

Whoever said excitement is wasted on the young? Certainly not Nora Brier, a 100-year-old pensioner who did a loop-the-loop in a glider plane to mark her big three-figure birthday.

The great grandmother had previously celebrated turning 95 on the back of a Harley trike and went up in a hot air balloon when she turned 80. And flying in Suffolk late last week, she even had a go on the controls.

“I’m so grateful to my daughters who got it all planned for me”, she said, according to Metro. “I’d been in a glider several years ago and they knew I liked that sort of thing so thought it would be a good gift.

“I wasn’t nervous at all, I really enjoyed it. Although I had no idea it was going to be any different to before so I was really shocked when I did a loop-the-loop. I would say I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie, I always look forward to my birthdays where I get to do something a bit different.”

Nora goes flying (Photo: BBC News)

Her daughter Kay, who is herself a glider pilot, said it was the death of husband Tom in 1982 that really made her grab life by the horns. “She spent many years looking after him. She was always very very busy when we were younger and I suppose it was only after all of that that her horizons opened up and she had time for herself,” she said.

“She is completely fearless and that had a wonderful influence on us growing up. I took her flying in a glider once and she really liked it and I thought her 100th birthday would be a great time for her to do it again. She asked me if she could paraglide with the Red Kites but I told her a line had to be drawn somewhere and it wouldn’t be sensible at her age. But she would do it all if she could.”

Her journey was captured by BBC Look East and appears below. We’ll say this much – it’s certainly making us rethink our comparatively dull birthday plans…