Elaine Chappelle, Wiki of the Wife of Dave Chappelle!

Dave Chappele and his Wife Elaine Chappelle posing for a photo

Dave Chappelle is renowned as one of the best stand-up comics on the face of the planet, but not much is known about his wife Elaine Chappelle (Age=53). And behind every man’s success is a supportive wife. Let’s get to know Elaine Chappelle. The first things that stands out is that although her husband speaks of her often, she is not one to enjoy being in the public eye.

Elaine Mendoza Erfe was born and raised in New York. She was born on August 31, 1974, so she currently is 53 years old. She was raised with Christian beliefs owing to her Filipino ancestry. Nothing much is known about her for she tries to keep herself from the limelight.

Elaine Chappelle as a terrific mother of three, and wife of Dave

Dave and Elaine tied the knot in 2001 after being together for a long time. They now have 3 kids together, two sons and a daughter. Their names are Sulayman Chappelle, Ibrahim Chappelle and Sonal Chappelle. Here is a photo of the couple with their kids.

Elaine, Dave & Their Three Children

The names represent their different Dave and Elaine’s different religion and culture (Dave has converted to Islam before their marriage! The public did not know about their marriage until much later. They were first seen publicly at the Philippine-American picnic in Ohio.

Her is Dave talking about his Filipino wife on a radio show and how and where they first met.

Dave incorporates stories about his marriage and his family in his comedy routines. It may not be quite obvious but Dave is a devoted husband and wife. Others might find it off to have your life made fun of but Elaine is cool with it.

Photo’s of her with Dave, and her great little body

Here you can see a photo of her on her Instagram account. She has a great looking body, and appears to be taking great care of herself. She has had three kids, but you really would not say so by looking at her. In all photos of her that we have seen, Elaine has a very classy looking going for her.

instagram photo of Elaine Chappelle's killer Filipino body

Elaine Chappelle’s Husband Dave’s sudden leaving

Dave Chappelle made a name for himself by creating his own brand of stand-up comedy. He talked about controversial topics with gumption and the public lapped it up. His TV show and fame rose, and he became a household name. His popularity translated to high DVD sales. But the stress of it all soon took its toll and he decided to walk away from it. Many fans got worried and angry about Dave’s sudden leaving. Many hoped for his return and many speculations went around. Dave himself put a stop to all the rumors and told the public that he would not return to his TV show but focus on his stand-up shows.

Dave has taken to social media to widen his reach. He regularly updates his Instagram to let his fans know what he is up to. It is also a great avenue to promote his shows.


At one point there were also rumors in the rumors about him leaving Elaine, but she was appalled by this. So far it appears the rumors were very false. All through this, Elaine Chappelle has stood by her man. Together, they have a net worth of USD 75 million.

Five quick Things you do not know about Elaine Chappelle:

She is a housewife by choice. She believes strongly in being there for her children, and making a safe and loving home.
Elaine Chapelle and her family live on a huge 65-acre farm.
She stands 5’1” tall. She is small but has a great physique.
She dreamt of being a chef. Unable to fulfill that dream professionally, she lives it out by preparing delicious meals for her family.
Dave leaned on her and counted on her support during the time when he left his TV show.