Edinburgh Fringe 2014 Review: ‘Lorraine & Alan’ Is The Most Charming Play You’ll See This Summer

You know you’ve seen a great show at the Edinburgh Fringe when you rush off to catch something else and can’t concentrate because it’s all you can think about. Lorraine & Alan is one such production; a piece so endearing and charming that we have some serious life questions for anyone who thinks otherwise.

A modern retelling of the Selkie myth, it sees Marine Biology graduate Alan (high 2:2, FYI) discovering a young woman lying amongst the seals on the Norfolk coastline. Over the course of the hour she is bought home, decides on a name after watching Lorraine Kelly on TV, and gradually begins to start a new life with the amiable 23-year-old who discovered her.

Lorraine & Alan (Photo: Bucket Club)

Bucket Club’s production is full to the brim (LIKE A BUCKET) with great little touches: when they have a little boy, it’s represented by a little buoy. At one point, the (indescribably brilliant) on-stage musicians sing ‘Kiss From A Rose’… by Seal. Whenever Alan’s parents are mentioned, they are represented on-stage by large bottles of water; one of which is emptied of its contents when (spoiler!) death strikes.

(Photo: Facebook/Bucket Club)

Actors Adam Farrell and Katie Sherrard do a wonderful job of enchanting their audience with their telling of the story, and musicians David Ridley (also sound designer) and Becky Ripley (also co-writer) support them with aplomb. Ripley’s daytime TV ‘sound effect’ is especially fabulous. Director Nel Crouch’s production is funny, touching, exquisitely crafted and, ultimately, completely unmissable.